• Sling Inspections
  • Hardware Inspections
  • Hoist Inspections
  • Magnetic Particle Inspections
  • Mobile Inspection Services
  • Fall Protection Inspections

Our service group provides a variety of inspections testing and recertification for complete OSHA compliance. We have portable vertical and horizontal proof testers equipped with computerized load cells for in-plant use. Our portable vertical testers can be set up at your location for proof testing. Our portable horizontal tester is located in our mobile testing bus.

We also have certified trained magnetic particle technicians to inspect your crane hooks, lift forks, lifting devices, welds and stress points.

Did you know that we are an authorized OEM repair facility? If you need service on any hoist or lifting device, we can restore and recertify it back to the original manufacturer’s specifications.

We are an industry leader using RFID technology as a full asset management tool. We manufacture and distribute our products equipped with RFID which ensures accurate product description and inspection capabilities which can be accessed via the internet.

Commercial Group Lifting Products is a complete full-line manufacturer of slings of all types including wire rope, chain, nylon and Slingmax high performance synthetics. In addition, we also engineer and distribute fall protection equipment which includes harnesses, lanyards and retractors.


When it comes to material handling and lifting applications, it only makes sense to have one single supplier that fully understands the complexities and requirements of your situation. When you want expertise in material handling, customized lifting solutions, training seminars, inspections and product certification, we’ve got you covered!

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Lifting Products is now a Rigging Institute, LLC Learning Center.

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